Butter Hub

DISCOUNTED HAND WASH ONLY Gen 1.0 - Butter Hub butter dish - CLEAR

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HAND WASH ONLY Original Model CLEAR Butter Hub butter dish. (see below)

We have re-invented the butter dish by creating an innovative modern dish with four unique features. A magnetic lid to hold a knife, extended feet to keep butter mess off the table, easy scoop ramps, and a strike plate to clean the knife. All this in a clean compact design so you can easily carry all your butter needs with one hand. Butter Hub is your hub for butter. Stainless steel knife included. This is a high quality plastic dish, making it light, less clanky, and less breakable. The plastic design is what allows us to create precise features and encase the magnet. The Butter Hub is dishwasher safe, food safe, and BPA free.

This CLEAR butter dish is HAND WASH ONLY.  There was a mixup with the materials on this model and it will not handle the high temperatures of the dishwasher. Some people are just fine with hand wash only so we are offering this model to them at a super discount. The bottom dish is also clear and the rubber circle on top is black.